Across the Bay

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hizbullah as Basij

Fellow Lebanese blogger Kais has quite an interesting post comparing Hizbullah to the Iranian Basij, and noting their negative impact on the Shiite community in Lebanon, and on Lebanon as a whole.

Criticism of Hizbullah has been growing more bold and vocal, and I've noted and linked to several of the most devastating articles. The more they continue like this, the more they will continue to lose support in the Shiite community. But that's why they have made sure to silence all voices of Shiite dissent, and why they will not give up their weapons. They know that's their only source of power.

Only Hizbullah could hijack and blackmail a consensual democratic system. They are that undemocratic! Don't you just love those twits who called them the most "democratic" force in Lebanon!?