Across the Bay

Friday, December 23, 2005

Big Pimping

I just heard Ghassan Tueni on the news. He spoke to journalists after meeting with Orthodox Patriarch Hazim, who came to offer his condolences. He started by saying that while he said that he has buried hatred, that does not mean that he has buried justice, rights, and the dignity of his son. He added that the lawsuit against Faysal Mekdad presses on.

He was then asked about what he thought of Amr Moussa's initiative. Tueni replied: "'akrateh," which roughly translates as "pimping." (The connotation is of something low and crappy.) Very apt, I thought.

Speaking of which, Moussa spoke to LBC yesterday and downplayed the whole thing after the stern rejection with which it was met in Lebanon, not to mention that the Saudis are clearly not on board. Moussa said that it wasn't even an "initiative" and that he didn't carry any proposals. Rather, he simply listened to the various views and conveyed them.

This is not an "Arab" way out for Syria.

Update: Naharnet has English excerpts of some of Tueni's remarks to the press.