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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Young on Kanaan's Death

Over at Hit and Run, Michael Young posted on Kanaan's "suicide":

What made Kanaan dangerous was that he was a well-connected and wealthy officer from the ruling Alawite community; if anybody could combine the intelligence networks, communal ties and money needed to replace the Assads and their kin in a coup, it was he. That possibility, and the fact that Kanaan might have been willing to give information on the Hariri murder to the U.N. investigators, perhaps in order to advance his chances of removing the regime, may have doomed him. Still, at this stage there is no evidence of a coup being prepared, so that one should consider alternatives.
That's the regime's dilemma: on the one hand it has professed its innocence in Hariri's killing; on the other, it must prepare for a U.N. report that might blame Syria by finding scapegoats, which contradicts the claims of innocence.

By the way, the link to As-Siyassah he provides is temporary. Here are the links to the PDF version of that story, and several others on Syria.

Also, Nick Blanford wrote a piece on the subject for CSM.