Across the Bay

Thursday, October 27, 2005

That Ol' Neocon Conspiracy

I don't have time to write now, although there are some good articles I want to highlight. However, I just spotted this item, a precis of a debate involving AEI's Reuel Marc Gerecht and MEF's Daniel Pipes.

You've all probably seen the silliness (some would call it sinister demagoguery) about the Neocon conspiracy against Syria really lying behind the Mehlis Report (Hariri's assassination and the continuing acts of terrorism against Lebanon have all naturally been relegated to oblivion!) over at Syria Comment and elsewhere. Well, I want you to take a look at Pipes' position on ME democratization and Islamists, and compare that to Josh Landis' position on Syria and democratization and Islamists. You'll find that they're almost identical, especially now that Josh can no longer convince anyone with the "Bashar as reformer" joke, so he's revised it and tempered it (and most often, he simply opts not to mention it anymore, preferring instead to just support the plain old "Bashar as thug" reality!).

This is just to show how silly this whole Neocon business is, considering how sharply these two "Neocon" figures from "Neocon central" AEI and "the citadel of Zionism" MEF differ, and how one of them is in full agreement with Landis, the latest herald against the lurking evils of Neoconservatism!

Come on people, get serious...

Update: Finally, someone talks some sense to Josh Landis and presents a more realistic, non-demagogic, picture of US policy. It's a refreshing change from the hysteria of the previous posts.