Across the Bay

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ghazi Cobain

This has got to be the most tragico-comical story on Kanaan's "suicide." Listen to this:

"You could see he was facing huge mental strain with his feeling of lack of Lebanese gratitude towards his legacy in Lebanon," said Imad Shuaibi, a political analyst with ties to the ruling Baath party who saw Kanaan a week before his death.

"If it is confirmed he committed suicide then it was the result of this hate campaign that the Lebanese were waging against him," Shuaibi added.

Now, that's rich! There's a lot more where that came from too. Ghazi simply could not take the hateful ungrateful Lebanese media! The funny thing is that Ghazi wasn't really targeted in the media all that much! Rustom Ghazaleh (and the Lebanese cronies) got most of the attention, as he was the one in charge and the one associated with the Syrian command center in Anjar. Apparently, he's not hurt that much by the awful Lebanese media as to be "suicided"! No, I guess what he'll do, along with those that assisted Ghazi's suicide, is pick yet another target from the despicable Lebanese media and plant a bomb in their car as they usually do.

Oh, wait. As Bashar said a few hours before the evil Lebanese media finally broke Ghazi, "We don't have this history of assassinations in Syria, so they don't have to worry from that."

I'll come back to that pathetic boring interview later.