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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Michael Totten Goes Fisking

Michael Totten decided that pictures speak louder than words as he went fisking in the pond.

The prey? Simple. Who is the most fiskable, almost invariably wrong, and self-puffed pundit (ad explosio) in the blogosphere? Here's a hint. I'm sure you won't be shocked.

The post Michael is referring to is classic Cole.

After spectacularly botching the analysis of the London attacks, Cole gives it another shot:

The Scotsman reports on the spectacular arrest of the Somalian suspect in the July 21 failed bombing attempts, saying, "The ethnicity of the eight London bombers, ranging from Somalis, to British-born sons of Pakistani parents and an Anglo-Jamaican Muslim convert, have surprised detectives investigating the attacks."

They should not be surprised.
If you try to "profile" the terrorist using such social markers as class or ethnicity, maybe even religious background, you will go badly astray.

Hmmm... Am I missing something here? I must admit, I am surprised! I've lost count as to how many times the Professor has changed his mind on this matter (as he did with the Iraq war before that). He's been steadily redefining his position after his miserable, yet typical, performance. The last part is particularly amusing when you consider what Cole's initial analysis was based on.

Inspector Cole is one of a kind, and there is no denying that his analysis and investigative powers are breathtakingly penetrating. It never leads astray! Just give him time to go back and reedit and backtrack.

Update: Michael Young gives Juan an "F" for his (usual) dishonesty.