Across the Bay

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Interview with Anwar al-Bunni

Take a look at Joe Pace's very interesting interview with Syrian human rights lawyer Anwar al-Bunni.

The Lebanese papers, mainly An-Nahar, have provided Syrian dissidents like Bunni and Michel Kilo a forum to write freely. It's been reported that one of the main reasons why Syria has been enforcing a (still ongoing) blockade on Lebanon was to deny such activities in the press, and any opposition organization in Lebanon. Hazem Saghieh's piece yesterday touched on that (see also Ali Hamade's piece that mentioned it as well):

The point of these apprehensions – mentioned explicitly by official sources in Damascus in recent days, and followed by a tough punishment of both Syrian and Lebanese economies – is that Lebanon should be less democratic. For when Lebanon allows more freedom for the press, it harms “brotherly relations.” It also harms relations when it hosts opponents of the regime, especially when opposition for the Baath means sabotage.

Makes you rethink the Qassir assassination.