Across the Bay

Monday, July 18, 2005

Laying Tiles in the Sea

Syria's war on Lebanon continues. After abducting nine fishermen, and blocking trade routes, the Syrians have now declared that they want compensation for the 35 Syrian workers that were killed in Lebanon in the aftermath of Hariri's assassination (by the Syrians!).

I have no problem with that, as long as an investigation is undertaken to determine the true numbers and identities of those killed. Then a similar request will be handed to the Syrians demanding compensation for 30 years of pillaging, racketeering, torture, murder, and imprisonment. This should be accompanied by a formal apology by Bashar. Then, before any dime is handed over to the Syrians, all Lebanese prisoners still held in Syria are to be released, compensated, and with a written apology to their families. Needless to say, should the investigations into the recent political assassinations (or revelations about the older ones) point to Damascus, we would like to see trials as well.

Until those conditions are met, the Syrians can go and "lay tiles at the bottom of the sea" as we say in Lebanon (ballto il-baHr).