Across the Bay

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Seale and the Lion

Michael Young wonders whether Arabism's cheerleader, Patrick Seale, has turned his back on Bashar Assad.

However, Michael notes the rise of a new "Sea Lion" (double pun alert!): Flynt Leverett. Of course, I reserve the rights to royalties for this theory, since, as some of you may remember, I noted this change of the guards not too long ago. I called Flynt the "new Patrick Seale: Assad biographer and confidant."

Flynt was given the exclusive privilege (if it can be called that) of being allowed entry to the back rooms of the Baath Party Congress (an access no other Westerner had, nor for that matter, did the Syrian people!). Meanwhile, as Michael notes, Seale has maintained a telling silence on that sorry Summer spectacle in Damascus.

Let's see if Flynt's career sinks along with that ship. There's always the Daily Show, where Flynt told us that we should hope that Bashar doesn't turn out to be a Fredo, but a Michael Corleone, if indeed we want to pursue serious diplomacy. That's right. Let's hope we get the privilege of doing business with the most ruthless, calculating, soulless, lying murderer of the family, who thinks (and wants others to think) that he's better or different than his father, whereas in fact he is worse. That, we are told, will be good for business... Flynt's, that is.