Across the Bay

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Jumblat's Mess

Hizbullah just came out against the removal of Lahoud from office. A bit awkward for Hariri and Jumblat, wouldn't you say!?

On the other hand, Aoun is more than willing to remove Lahoud, and to lend his parliamentary weight to amend the constitution and shorten Lahoud's stay, as long as a "proper" alternative is agreed on. But Hizbullah is against it, because Aoun said he wants Hizbullah's weapons to be surrendered to the Army!

Jumblat's little game with Berri now looks set to bring back both Berri and Lahoud! I.e., he benefitted Berri, and got nothing in return! HA will not oppose Berri, and now, won't oppose Lahoud! Needless to say, Lahoud immediately seized on that and upped the Hizbullah propaganda, picking up on the Palestinian refugees issue, the Shebaa Farms, and that Israel poses a continuing threat and still violates Lebanese airspace, etc.

I hope this means, contrary to the opinion of the second piece (link #2), that Hariri and Jumblat will work with Aoun and the Patriarch some more. In any case, people have to tread very carefully now. The piece said that such a move would polarize the Shi'a, and HA-Amal would make sure of that, if they feel that their interests (Berri's return as Speaker, and HA's weapons) are threatened by a Hariri-Jumblat-Aoun parliamentary alliance. See what a nice mess Jumblat created!? Polarized the Christians by thinking he can step all over them by using Berri, and now he can't get rid of Berri!

By the way, I still love Jumblat! No kidding! He's a piece of work! But, as Michael put it, he's dangling from his own rope. Let's see if a compromise could be reached.