Across the Bay

Saturday, June 11, 2005

And the Award Goes to...

OK, I know that this is silly, but it's simply unbelievable to read this crap. I mean I know the blogosphere is filled with all kinds of nuttiness, but this? This takes the 2005 Utter Insanity Award:

Today I'm going to write a column for Al-Hayat about how the Bush administration's "campaign" for global democratization, and its claim to speak in the name of democracy worldwide, puts it in roughly the same position vis-a-vis the rest of the world that South Africa's apartheid regime was vis-a-vis SA's unfranchised non-White majority population.

I know that "apartheid" is "in" right now as the mot du jour, but Helena might be a little "apartheid happy" (among other things). Let's see... I'm writing a book on South Africa, so why not take that prism and see through it Israel, Lebanon, and hell, why not the US as well!? Sure... I mean someone has to carry the torch of "post-Orientalism"! Sigh... Shine on you crazy diamond.

Brilliant Helena darling! Smashing!

I wonder if Andrew Sullivan is still giving out his Susan Sontag Awards, etc. This one is definitely a winner!

Update: I really love Jonathan Edelstein (I'm being sincere). I mean, who else would actually try to rationally and politely respond to Helena's insane "apartheid" outbreak? Jonathan is trying to nip this "apartheid mania" in its bud, by clearly defining the term and its usage (legal, or just polemical). God bless you Jonathan (and Jonathan's comments are, as usual, educational). But I'm afraid neither hell nor high water would dissuade The Cobban et al.