Across the Bay

Friday, May 13, 2005

Just for Laughs

I thought this Al-Hayat report on Mike Doran's rumored move to the NSC was priceless, and that you might get a giggle out of it.

The author, Joyce Karam, throws all the usual charges at Doran: Neocon, anti-Arab, yada yada yada... But she also throws in an inspired quote from Edward Said's nephew Ussama Maqdisi. Maqdisi, who was beaten by Doran to the job at Princeton, and had taken cheap shots at its NES department along with Rashid Khalidi, accused him of "politicizing the academic arena." Now that is rich (if you need me to explain why, then never mind)!

And apparently it runs in the family. Ussama's brother Saree had recently written a pathetic piece in the LAT about Neocons (who else?) laying siege to academia! I guess he was prescient!

These guys slay me...