Across the Bay

Friday, May 13, 2005

Hariri's History with Bashar

Readers who know Arabic are encouraged to readthis two-part interview (part two here) with former Hariri top aide Nouhad Mashnouq.

Readers who can't read Arabic, do not despair, I will post a translation of the crucial parts very soon (right after I'm done grading my students' finals!). But to give you a taste, Mashnouq was a long-time close confidant of the slain Hariri. He discusses Hariri's rocky relationship with the Syrians, especially with Bashar Asad. He pretty much confirms what I've written here, and what Michael Young has stated over at Reason's Hit&Run, and what former Ambassador Johnny Abdo (who's quoted in there) has said on TV (he accused Bashar of being directly behind the murder), and what MP Marwan Hamade (and even Jumblat) has essentially said, and what a very well-informed source told me in Beirut.

Also coming up are some thoughts on the latest developments on the election law, and reactions to Michael Young's deflation of Michel Aoun.

Stay tuned!