Across the Bay

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Spy vs. Spy

Nick Blanford sheds light on Syria's real enforcers in Lebanon, the mukhabarat.

This is why the US and France are saying the withdrawal won't be complete until all these apparatuses are gone as well. This is why Jumblat and the opposition's first demand is the removal of the secret service apparatus, both Lebanese and Syrian (which rumors say that Lahoud is issuing Lebanese passports for them in order to keep them on).

Nick's piece quotes Chibli Mallat who "said that the Syrian intelligence network could not survive in its current shape. “I don’t think that, frankly, these people are capable of staying without the larger military apparatus that provides them cover,” he said."

Let's see what games they play in the next couple of months. Because one thing is true, as Rich pointed out (see link in post below), "without Lebanon fully in his pocket [Bashar] simply does not wield enough clout." He won't be able to continue bullying people as in the past. Not anymore. That incident in Akkar that I mentioned where the townspeople attacked and beat up the mukhabarat and freed the young man they were holding is a good example of what I mean.