Across the Bay

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Intimidation and its Limits

More on that incident in Akkar I mentioned earlier. A friend sent this in an email (I edited the format):

I saw this morning on Future TV a report about a small Sunni
village, Sheikh Ayash, located in Akkar at the border area with Syria, that is being intimidated by Syrian intelligence. The Syrian intelligence came yesterday and wanted to arrest 150 people. However the whole village protected those people and prevented the arrest. The intelligence fired in an attempt to scare off villagers protecting the ones sought after. This lead to a number of wounded.

Future TV interviewed many in the village who reported that the Army came and encircled the village to allow the Syrian intelligence operation to succeed. A villager declared that all the problems started when the Syrian intelligence learned that many of the villagers attended Hariri's funeral in, as well as other opposition demonstrations in Beirut. The villagers further believe that it's also due to their refusal to take part in a loyalist demonstration in Halba, Akkar.