Across the Bay

Friday, March 04, 2005

Here Come the Jokes

So I linked the cartoons, now I relay the latest jokes! This one is courtesy of my buddy, who's holding strong in Sham central!

A small Syrian boy finds a tarboush ("fez") in an old drawer, puts it on, and goes to tell his grandmother "look I'm Lebanese!"  Wham, she slaps him across the face. "Go tell your mother."

Tearfully he goes to his mother, "Look Mum, I'm Lebanese!"  Whack, she too clouts him across the face. "Go immediately and tell your father."

Desperately anxious, he goes to his father "Look, Daddy, I'm Lebanese!" The old man takes a stick and beats him blue. "Now what do you say to that?" he asks.

Between sobs the child says "I've only been Lebanese for five minutes, and already I hate all you Syrians."

Of course, for all the sensitive ears out there, we don't hate all you Syrians! We just don't like getting whacked!