Across the Bay

Saturday, March 05, 2005

About Those Trenches

Remember that Naharnet report about the Syrian military digging trenches "along a 4-point arc stretching from Hammana to Dahr Al Baidar through Falougha and Ein Dara"? Well, that's where the Syrian army is redeploying. That's what this story in An-Nahar said, based on Lebanese government sources. That's it. That's all that Bashar is prepared to do. And the Syrians think this will satisfy the UN Security Council.

They're also getting Moscow's support apparently. According to that same An-Nahar story, Lavrov was already providing loopholes in UNR 1559 for the Syrians. Lavrov said: "The UN resolution calls with the withdrawal of troops, but doesn't set a timetable. We are satisfied with the plans of the Syrians to take steps that will be made public soon ... which conform with UNR 1559."

NB: this was before Bashar's speech. They were testing Moscow's reaction before they went ahead.

I'll come back tomorrow with more reactions, including what tomorrow's papers in Lebanon have to say.