Across the Bay

Monday, February 14, 2005

More on Hariri's Assassination

I found this cautious but sound analysis through Martin Kramer's site. It's close to the way I've been reading the situation. The conclusion also echoes the point I made in the comments section of my previous post "Thugs for Life." The conclusion reads as follows:

    If Syria is not involved in the attack (a previously unknown group called Victory and Jihad has claimed responsibility for the bombing, declaring that it was "just punishment" for Hariri's close ties to the Saudi government), the fact that the bombing took place under the nose of the Syrian military occupation of Lebanon suggests a weakening of Syrian control over Lebanon's many armed factions. In either case, the assassination poses serious challenges to the regime of Bashar al-Asad.

The analysis also commented on the transparent message the Syrians sent afterwards:

    [T]he official Syrian news agency, SANA, also issued a transparent message warning that Damascus alone has the power to prevent anarchy. The statement also urged Lebanese "to reinforce their national unity and reject all those who aim to cause trouble and sow division among the people."

Now contrast this with Helena Cobban's drivel or Juan Cole's "splendidly shallow" take (both of which are based exclusively on a reading of an Al-Jazeera report!) I mean what's there to say anymore about these types?! What a duo! All I can say is I can't believe Helena beat Juan in accusing the Israelis! He must be getting sloppy! But his mafia theory, that deserves a Pulitzer right there! What a poseur.

For more, read the final couple of comments to my last post below.