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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Weasel Central

Please see the various updates to my "Kommissar Cole" post below. The latest responds to the most recent attempt by the Kommissar to weasel out of his statements with his usual snottiness.

Update: I just came across the post by interesting blogger Chrenkoff on the Cole/Martini Republic fiasco, and as far as I can tell (but please correct me if I'm wrong) he and IraqPundit (see the updates to my "Kommissar Cole" post) are the only ones who shared my point about how what Cole wrote is a good example of what's referred to in Chrenkoff's post as "liberal racism." I relate it also to Edward Said's nonsense, and the condescending Thrid-Worldism (and the influence of Arab nationalism) of many in the ME studies field. But the point is the same. Chrenkoff wrote:

"[N]ow we have the same template applied on the Arabs: all Arabs are anti-American, and strongly opposed to our imperialism and the reckless invasion and occupation of Iraq. Therefore, those Arabs who aren't are not "real Arabs" - God forbid anyone in the Middle East would actually want a Western style democracy and some freedom! (it's a common perception among the Western lefties, something I have observed in the context of my own experiences: they loathe their own society so much that they can't understand how other people around the world might actually like it). Worse still, those "unreal Arabs" must also be a part of a sinister disinformation psy-ops campaign by the US government and intelligence services - somebody is paying them to spread their ugly pro-American propaganda!"

Exactly. That, by the way, is precisely how the totalitarian Arab nationalist and Islamist regimes of the region deal with dissent from the party line. It's basically a form religious ostracism, to paraphrase Sadiq Jalal al-Azm. That's the substance of Said's redefinition of the word "Orientalist."