Across the Bay

Saturday, November 27, 2004


Michael Young weighs in on the Cole vs. MEMRI joke and Martin Kramer's nailing of Cole's hypocrisy (a characteristic attribute of Cole).

In there Michael calls Cole's infamous website, "overrated!" Indeed, but it's still a gold mine for barbs!

Nevertheless, I'll slow down on the Cole material for a bit to restart the more serious posts. Two are coming up: One dealing with William Dalrymple's review essay ("The Truth about Muslims") in the NY Review of Books (a reader drew my attention to it in the comments) as well as his book From the Holy Mountain. The second will deal with Phoenicianism (it's one that I referred to and had wanted to post earlier but never got a chance). It will be just a little while longer before they're up, as I'm caught up with other work.

Stay tuned!