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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Lord Cole and the Neocon Ring

Fear not! It's not a MESA-produced sequel to the Lord of the Rings. It's blogger IraqPundit smacking around Juan Cole:

"[H]e [Fred Kaplan] quotes -- of all people -- Juan Cole! Yes! He actually says Cole is an "author of a valuable blog on Iraqi affairs." That's the same Juan Cole who recently wrote a bizarre post claiming that Dan Senor ordered the arrest of Muqtada Al Sadr.

On Nov. 10, Cole wrote in his Informed Comment blog that "I have it it from a source I consider reliable that the order for the arrest of Muqtada al-Sadr in early April, 2004, which came as such a surprise and threw the country into chaos for two months, came from Dan Senor. Senor is said to have acted on instructions from Neoconservatives in the Pentagon, and to have kept Paul Bremer, his putative boss, out of the loop. Bremer was presented with a fait accompli."

Dan Senor? Senor was a spokesman in Baghdad. Where did he get the authority to order arrests? Who would have obeyed such an order? Did Senor flash them his secret Neocon ring? Did he give them the secret Neocon handshake? Now you know why some Iraqi readers call Cole's site, "misinformed comment."

I thought the part about the ring was simply priceless! I just had to post it! That's the second of two prominent Iraqi blogs to dis Cole. If you remember a while ago, Ali over at Iraq the Model referred to Cole in the same breath as Michael Moore and Al-Jazeera!

I don't get no respect I tell ya!

Update: Ali of Iraq the Model has done it again! In fact, it's a "buy one, get one free" smack-down of Juan Cole and a demolition of Rashid Khalidi (specifically, his piece that I quoted in my "Romanticism and Fascism" post)! Talk about value for your buck! Money quote:

"After reading the two honored professors’ articles I scratched my head vigorously (I’m sure I looked stupid because I felt so!) trying to remember my country’s history as I read it in school. Well, my memory is not that strong to help me remember all those poets and decorated writings about our ancestor’s bravery that I read in the fifth grade, but I sure do remember the only Iraqi movie that was produced about that rebellion. The director of the movie used a huge budget (Iraqi standards) and hired some British actors including Oliver Reed. He (the director) was rewarded generously by Saddam for showing the truth about that historical event.

In the movie, Shiek Dhari who’s mentioned in Dr. Rasheed’s article was the hero. It seemed that the movie was about him not the “revolution”. So anyway everything looked ok and my mind regained its peace, as everything the two well-informed professors said seemed to match perfectly with what Saddam’s hired director sowed us in his movie! And my face stopped looking stupid anymore!
Anyway, I don’t know which is worse; that the two experts in Arab world didn’t know about Dr. Al Wardi and his writings or that they knew but chose Sadam’s version of Iraq’s history!?