Across the Bay

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I Cretini

In my post on "anti-Orientalists" I made a reference to a recent op-ed by primo imbecile Patrick Seale. In that piece, there was a quote (quoted approvingly and with great admiration and relief by Seale) from an American group called American Respect. Read it and weep:

"A full-page advertisement in The New York Times two Sundays ago by an anonymous group calling itself denounced America's 'profound misunderstanding' of the causes of terrorism and the mistaken war against Iraq. 'Terrorists are not inherently malevolent," the group declared; 'they are filled with passion and a sense of being aggrieved - as true of Al-Qaeda as the Palestinians under Israel ...' Muslims 'view U.S. foreign policy and aid to be heavily biased in favor of Israel and a significant threat to Islam ...'"

I've already slammed Seale and his likes on this issue of "dialoguing with the Jihadists," and I have quoted Christopher Hitchens, Jesse Walker (and the piece he linked to on Foucault and Islamism), and Marc Cooper, and their criticism of the Left's indulgence of Islamism and Jihadism. Martin Kramer has done more criticism and satire of these kinds of people (especially in the case of Hippie Prof. Mark LeVine, aka. Indiana Jones!) and today he quotes Gilles Kepel on the subject. Here's the quote:

"A number of former communists and fellow travelers of the left have been supportive of the Islamists. They see the Islamists as the embodiment of the masses. The communist cadres used to call these people useful idiots and the term still holds."

How true.

Update: Martin Kramer shares his thoughts on "dialoguing" with Islamists.