Across the Bay

Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Trifecta from Hell

Here's a perfect example of the "trifecta from hell" -- the UN, the Arab League, and Colin Powell -- at work. Marvel at the sterility.

The UN, to no one's surprise, issued a toothless resolution on the Darfur genocide, threatening -- get this -- not "sanctions," for that's too harsh of a word, but "interruption of economic, communications or diplomatic activities." Woooo, scary!!

This "PC resolution" has been claimed, rightly, as a victory by the murderous Khartoum government. In the words of the gloating Sudanese Foreign Minister Mustafa Ismail:

"The friends of the Sudan and the Sudanese diplomacy have succeeded in trimming the resolution and curbing its extremity and aberration."

Ismail said his ministry had set out a two-pronged plan to counter the draft resolution:

"either to block its adoption altogether or to strive, in cooperation with our friends, to remove from it such references as genocide, ethnic cleansing and other extreme points and apparently this is what we have so far succeeded in achieving just hours before the vote."

But never fear, Colin Powell is here:

"It is not an easy task for them to turn off this janjaweed crowd and other militias that may be out there.

There is a concern that we don't want to put so much on the Sudanese government that (it) causes internal problems that might make the situation worse.

Yes of course, the poor Sudanese government! We wouldn't want to disrupt their afternoon mass rape.

No stinking pile of manure would be complete without the Arab League. The Daily Star report explains:

"The Arab League is cautioning the West against threatening sanctions on Sudan, a move some in the Arab world see as a US pretext for toppling another Arab government."

Those damned Westerners! Can't a government exterminate an ethnic group in peace any more?

Voicing such frustrations was the Arab League spokesman Hossam Zaki:

"Many would say that the US administration, as well as some European countries, have found in the Darfur crisis a long lost pretext to put the government under the sword of international sanctions." (Emphasis added.)

It's all a conspiracy I tell you! Don't laugh, do you think I'm joking? Here it is, you knew it was coming!

"How come the Security Council ... and those with a humanitarian agenda are so active when it comes to such a situation, when they turn a blind eye to the miserable situation in the Palestinian territories."

So let's see, the Sudanese Jihad against the southern non-Muslim population that preceded the Darfur genocide doesn't even factor in the imagination of Zaki. This dubious "situation" in Darfur is a "long lost pretext" to topple another Arab government, so the government is victim! This is a new twist on the pathological Arab victimology!

Besides, how dare we even suggest that this "situation" with a bunch of °abīd is even close in magnitude to the suffering of the Palestinians? So since the Palestinians are in a "miserable situation," who gives a damn about the Fur?

And there you have it folks, we're finally back to normal in the ME, with the trifecta back in full throttle, after a short leave of absence due to Iraq. Incidentally, during that absence, a genocidal regime was actually removed, and sanctions that did nothing but harm the population and enrich their tormentor (and some dudes at the UN), were finally lifted. But enough of that type of nonsense now, the super best friends are back.