Across the Bay

Saturday, July 17, 2004

I Get No Respect I Tell Ya!

Elaph ran this hilarious story on Lybia's intent to sue Colin Powell for "his insults against the Lybian people, and his defamation of all Lybians."

Apparently this is in reference to a speech that Powell made at the American Institute for Peace last Thursday. The report doesn't include any quotes form that speech, but the Lybian News Agency said that his talk shows how Powell is "ignorant of the democratic system which is established on the power of the people (sic!)."

The Agency added:

"Colin Powell should have looked at and followed more closely the true democracy in Lybia (sic!)... and he should have paid attention to the issue of democracy in the US where two parties control the fate of the entire American people, and monopolize the rule over it exclusively (sic!)."

This is the real value of Colin Powell in the ME!! He commands neither respect nor fear, and that's why everyone wants him to be in charge! Michael Young once wrote on Powell's sad and sterile legacy, especially in the ME. The guy is not taken seriously by true reformers, and while supposedly admired by the preservers of the status quo, they actually give him zero respect and snub him regularly.

That's what the Arab world means when they say they want a "modest" America back! I.e., one they can sue and bullshit with nihilistic nonsense, like Lybia lecturing the US about true democracy! This is the "dialogue of civilizations" you see, where everyone is equal and no one "imposes" anything on anyone. Can't wait till Kerry takes office!

The best would be if Chirac backs them up by sending "missionaries of democracy" to the US! Why not? Powell is being slapped around left and right anyway!

It's a mad mad mad world...