Across the Bay

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Hope is on the Way

Michael Young commented on the foreign policy portion of John Kerry's pathetic speech at the DNC.

Young noted how Kerry did not mention democracy in the ME at all:

" I noticed that Kerry mentioned not once democracy in the Middle East. In fact, his only mention of democracy came in the rather mildewed context of Berlin, where his father was once stationed, and where, Kerry noted, “it and the world were divided between democracy and communism.” There, he added, “I saw the fear in the eyes of people who were not free.”

Evidently, however, Kerry didn’t have the balls to take the extra step and argue that a similar grand global dividing line today exists in the Middle East, where fear and the absence of freedom are rampant, but also where autocratic regimes have never been as weak, illegitimate or scared; and where the U.S. would do well to take advantage of this situation before the inevitable hurried scramble home.

It comes as no surprise of course, as this commentary makes clear. (Cf. this earlier post).

So the proponents of democracy in the ME have such exciting things awaiting them: The "stimulating" speeches and visions of John Kerry, and the "ground-shattering" foreign policy of Colin Powell who's back at the helm guiding the Bush administration to new and fascinating horizons.