Across the Bay

Friday, May 21, 2004

"Truth, War and Consequences"

I've been making lots of references to statements by Kanan Makiya in light of the recent affair with Chalabi, without giving you sources. After hearing a CIA official pop up on FOX News and smear Chalabi beyond words ("traitor, selling secrets to Iran," the works...) I became convinced that this was a set-up by the CIA in a bid to take the upper hand in Iraq.

So I went back to my files and found the interview with Kanan Makiya that I've been quoting endlessly, as I knew that he discussed in it, from an insider's point of view, the entire dealings with Chalabi, the DoD, the CIA and the DoS.

I recommend you read it, especially as I have a feeling that the CIA and the DoS are going to fill the media (they already have) with "leaks" on Chalabi. So a voice from the other side is needed to keep things in perspective, and see the long battle the CIA and the DoS have been waging to undermine the DoD. Tom Friedman (in his typical style) said that the DoD wanted to see Powell defeated more than Saddam. He, in his recent shift to that side, failed to see that the CIA and DoS want the civilians in the Pentagon defeated, and their Arabist position endorsed, more than they want to see a truly free and democratic Iraq, free of the virus of Arabism.