Across the Bay

Monday, May 10, 2004

Tommy Two-Face

After advising Bush to apologize to Syria and Egypt, Tom Friedman apparently changed his mind yesterday!

This time, Friedman had the following to say:

"A senior Iraqi politician told me that he recently received a group of visiting Iranian journalists in his home. As they were leaving, he said, two young Iranian women in the group whispered to him: "Succeed for our sake." Those Iranian women knew that if Iraqis could actually produce a decent, democratizing government it would pressure their own regime to start changing — which is why the Iranian, Syrian and Saudi regimes are all rooting for us to fail."

So I suppose it wouldn't be a great idea to apologize to those who are rooting for us to fail!

Otherwise, the piece addresses much of the pathologies and idiocies of the Arab world. Once again, a Fareed Zakaria idea is recycled, and that is the oil hurdle. That idea is in Zakaria's book The Future of Freedom.