Across the Bay

Monday, May 10, 2004

The Israeli-Palestinian Reverberations

This is actually a request. If anyone of my readers has any information on backlashes in Iraq linked tangibly to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, please let me know.

Earlier, right after Rantissi's assassination, I found myself agreeing somewhat with Cole that we might see some retaliation against US soldiers in Iraq, by people eager to use such connections (perhaps Sadr who actively linked himself to Hamas and Hizbullah). Yet, we've yet to hear of an attack specifically based on such a connection (the one Fallujah incident aside). Meanwhile, the rest of the idiotic Arabs are making these associations daily, evident by Shaaban's hogwash. This was also typical during the Lebanon war, as everyone wants to draw things into the pathological Arab narrative, the central piece of which is Palestine. This is an old record.

It actually seems that very little active associations are being done in Iraq, which doesn't surprise me much, as they have more important things to worry about, and as everyone I know who has been in Iraq has told me, they actually care very little about (if not outright resent) other Arabs. Of course, this is a crude conclusion as a more accurate survey is needed to assess not only the feelings of Iraqis, but actual actions taken based on such feelings.