Across the Bay

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Fisk and Fisq

The blabber-mouth known as Robert Fisk had a piece of his on (what else?) Abu Ghraib published in An-Nahar today.

I'll spare you the details, as they are as nauseating as Fisk's daily hangovers. But his conclusion is worth quoting because it is as hypocritical as it is stupid. I'm re-translating into English from the Arabic translation. I can't access the original in English as now you have to pay to read Fisk, and I'll be damned if I'll spend a dime to read this imbecile.

"Yes, this [the outrageous acts at Abu Ghraib] is part of a culture, of an old tradition going back to the Crusades, which considers the Muslim to be filthy and sexually degenerate (the Arabic word used here is fa:siq) as well as anti-Christian, and not worthy to be part of the human race. This is the way Usama Bin Ladin (whom George Bush seems to be related to) thinks of us westerners.

Our deceptive, illegal, and immoral war has produced the pictures that expose our racism.

In case you're still tuned in, and haven't taken a puke break, here's what I think of this crock of horse manure.

When Muslim Jihadists blew up people in New York, D.C. and Pennsylvania, and Madrid and all over the world, everyone (esp. Fisk) made sure to assert that this has nothing to do with the Islamic religion or with Islamic and Arabic culture. It's the work of a lunatic fringe. Certainly no one tried to link those atrocities to any particular historical experience like the Crusades. For instance, no one brought up the institution of Jihad in Islam and the atrocities it committed, and then connected the dots with the modern Jihadists. Anyone who did was labelled Orientalist to the extreme. I'll also remind you of the reactions of jubilation among a significant number of Arabs to the murders of 9/11.

Now Fisk reacts in the exact opposite manner to the actions of some soldiers at Abu Ghraib. Now it's "our culture" that is to blame. Not only that, he effortlessly linked it to the Crusades and their supposed psychological motivations!!! So the pictures (as well as the Crusades!!) are obvious evidence of "our racism"!!! This shady use of the collective is not to be seen as a reflection of defeatism and self-loathing in Fisk. This is a technique he always uses to bash the US and its allies. For instance, when he got beat up in Afghanistan he used it as well, saying that if he were in their shoes he would have beaten Robert Fisk as well or "any westerner" around.

We don't need Fisk's fake self-flagellations. The proof is in the reaction of the American public to the acts. Unlike their Arab counterparts, there was no passing of sweets in the streets and shouts of "Jesus is Great." There was a barrage of self-critical, self-questioning democratic hearings, investigations (which by the way were issued by the Army itself!) and judicial practices. That's our culture, not the artificial and pseudo-historical nonsense that Fisk wants to sell us.

And this guy is loved in the Arab world! No wonder as he feeds into the victimology and passive-aggressiveness dominating the "Arab street."