Across the Bay

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Dark Humor

This tragic story appeared in The Daily Star yesterday about reactions to the Abu Ghraib scandal by former Iraqi prisoners under Saddam.

Ibrahim al-Idrissi, once a prisoner during Saddam's reign and now head of the Association for Free Prisoners, thought that the recent scandal at Abu Ghraib was "a joke" compared to the horrors under Saddam:

"Ibrahim Idrissi has mixed feelings about the recent uproar caused by the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib under the US occupation. "As a humanitarian organization, we oppose this," he says. "But these are soldiers who have come to Iraq to fight, not to be prison guards. It was to be expected. Of course, if there are innocent people in there ... it is possible, I guess, that some of them are innocent."
Then Idrissi says: "What we have seen about the recent abuse at Abu Ghraib is a joke to us."

You know we have no idea how deeply traumatized that country is when you hear such stories, which makes Blix's (and anyone like him) comments so reprehensible and self-absorbed.