Across the Bay

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Green Light?

The reactions in the Arab world have predictably made the link that the US green lighted the hit on Rantisi.

What is surprising (but equally predictable?) is Juan Cole's certainty that the US gave the green light, and therefore, that Bush doesn't give a "fig" about US lives in Iraq.

On what exactly does Cole base such an assertion? It's left unexplained, to be assumed, à la Arabs. I find it more likely to believe that Sharon took advantage of the recent victory he scored in Washington to go futher (isn't that what he's famous for? Always going a step further than initially stated?) and lock the US in a de facto reality.

Remember, the US reaction to Yasin's assassination wasn't the warmest, so there is no reason to believe Rantisi's case is any different (unless of course, it's actually less appreciated) especially because of the state of affairs in Iraq.