Across the Bay

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

God Save the Queen

The NYT ran this story Monday on Jihadists in England.

The situation is symptomatic of Europe's "Muslim question" and again raises the problem of liberal democracies faced with an anti-liberal ideology intent on using and abusing its "host" society's values in order to destroy and supplant them. England (and Europe in general) is desperately trying to figure out how to deal with the problem while staying true to its values.

The frustrating thing is that this freak cleric Abu Hamza has openly said on TV, with explicit smugness, that he uses the freedoms provided to him in order to undermine them!

This should also give those who want to educate us on how many islamist groups show some "democratic" behavior a little to think about. Like I said here before, these islamists have no problem using democracy to get what they want, and that includes the demise of liberal democracy itself!